Thursday, August 20, 2009

Death of a Serial Killer

Years ago, when I was 17 and lived in El Paso Texas, there was a killer on the loose in the neighborhood. Girls were disappearing. Girls from the middle school that my family lived across the street from. There were also older girls and a few grown women who went missing. 1987 was shit for my social life! My Dad gave a super early curfew. I was livid. I was invincible. Immortal, as are all teenagers. However, I soon learned about mortality and fear. It came in the form of a man (I use this loosely) named David Leonard Wood. He was a neighbor. He lived in a house across from mine. He was kind of slimmy, but I didn't really think much of it. I figured he was some sort of stoner or something akin. How wrong I was! He killed 6 girls and is linked to 3 more. He is and was a sickness. I have thought of him much over the years. Amazed that I had lived in such close proximity to a killer. I could have been one of the girls whose body was tossed into the dirt of the El Paso desert and buried like I meant nothing.

Yesterday, I was reading Ugly Shyla's blog about the local serial killer. I told her of Wood. I then searched for some info to send her way. What I came upon was this:

It is so strange that I would go looking for info only to discover this. I think I was supposed to find this to then know he was "taken" care of. He cannot hurt anyone anymore. Justice came way too late. 22 years since 1987 when the killing happened. 17 years since he was convicted on all counts. That is older than some of the girls had lived when he snuffed out their lives. Justice? What kind of justice is that?

I wish it was ol' Sparky, and I could see the lights dim all the way in central Texas.

He got another stay of execution for the very thing he got the last stay for. I think they doctors would have been able to determine his mental state by now!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Are Given So Much





Enjoy this beautiful day. Appreciate what has been given.