Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Odie.

Or what is left of him.

Awhile back I wrote a blog about Red, my new chocolate lab that I had brought home from my parents house. She had been shot and left to die until my parents took her in and cared for her. Odie is (or was) her brother. He was shot at the same time. However, he wasn't quite a lucky as my Red girl. This is what remains of Odie:


  1. Sad. How did you find him? Are you keeping him anyway- so he can be preserved? Poor Baby.

  2. Wow that is pretty amazing you found his relics. Where did you find him, I'd love to know?

  3. amazing pics, how sad that someone could shoot a dog and not give a damn.

  4. I am forever mystified by life, death and cruelty.


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