Monday, January 12, 2009


I wonder how many people find me to be sick or twisted? Not that I really care what anyone thinks of me. Today, I was more cautious in one of my finds. I came upon a poor little dead bird. It's neck is broken. The reason for my caution was due to the fact that the bird was on the school grounds when I went to pick up my daughter. No matter how I feel about such things, I just cannot cause my children to suffer by getting picked on becuase Mom is a strange creature. My children actually do not mind me being who I am. This may change when my daughter becomes a teenager. The boys have never had a problem though.

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent. Back to the bird.

The bird, as I stated, is dead from a broken neck. It is such a pitiful sight since it is intact...completely. It was just lying there with it's fantastic brown/bronze feathers blowing softly in the wind. Yes, I brought it home.

I wish I could stop the decaying process just for the fact that the bird is soooo beautiful. However, I'm a realist. Decay happens. So I will probably add the bird skeleton to my art. Somewhere. Somehow.

If easily offended, do not look at the photos.


  1. Oh so lovely the little guy, I love finding things that once were alive, so heartbreaking yet in a forever sleep.

  2. that is actually pretty a weird way.

  3. It's OK Lily, As mothers it is our duty to embarrass our teenagers! My girls had to deal with having a 'different' Mom. They dealt well with the occasional questions, because they were raised to be eclectic and open to the unusual- with all that entails.

    Ill look forward to the bird art. What a lovely way to honor the tiny creature!


  4. It reminds me of the movie 'Kissed'. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.

    Read up on it at IMDB first as it may go beyond your interests.


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