Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Does this make me Evil?

This is the New Testament. It is also stolen.**see below** Here is my question:

Does it make me Evil if I stole this Bible from the hospital? Or would it be more Evil to have stolen it from a Chapel?

I have an obsession with Bibles esp. ones that have been read or used in some sort of way. Who had used this bible to pray or ask for help in their time of need. Or did they just read it? How many people found religion after a tragedy? Were their prays answered? Did they "walk through the valley of the shadow of death?"

So many questions left unanswered.

I would really like to know the answers. Someday.

**I do not condone stealing. I blame my momentary lapse on the fact I was highly stressed. Yes, Evil can make excuses. Please pray for me!


  1. Oh man I think it does make you evil, lol. What if someone wanted to pray at the hospital? But I guess it would be more evil to take from a church, wait I think stealing in general is a sin. Oh Boy!

    Good questions, I would like to know them myself.

  2. While stealing is not cool- There are many companies that supply bibles and other religious books- like that book of Psalms to places like hospitals and hotels, prisons, detention centers etc, in hopes that they will be read and then of course followed. I think there is dare I say, an expectation that at least some will be taken- which in the end if their message gets across is alright with them.

    Does it make you Evil? Nawww You were already Evil! ( and we love you that way!)

  3. What is your definition of 'Evil'?


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