Monday, January 5, 2009


I really must try harder to write. However, I am feeling a bit blocked lately. Tsk. Tsk. I hate this.

I have been meaning to post about the latest edition to the family, Red. She's a chocolate lab aquired during a visit to my parents house.

My parents moved within a few hours of me in 2007. They bought some land in the area where my Dad grew up, way out in the boonies. They lived in their motorhome while building their house. No mortgage! Good for them!

My parents are suckers for animals. So every time a stray comes along, they take it in...eventually. They owned 2 dogs and a sickly kitten that my Mom nursed(literally-with a kitten bottle) back to health to begin with. They ended up having 5 dogs and random other animals that they are taking care of as of last month. One of the strays is Red.

Red has a story to tell, if only she could talk. When she came to my parents house(not yet completed at the time), she had been shot. Luckily, the bullet entered and exited through the skin in her back. She also had what appeared to be a brother who ended up getting shot soon after and dying. My parents took Red to the vet to find out her age and get her vaccinated. Ya know? All of the good vet stuff. She had to be someone's pet at one time since she was spade already. She is also very sweet. I find it strange considering what humans have done to her. She is HUGE, too! Ok, so she is only about 65 lbs., but she is one solid girl! She is also very playful, although a little dumb. Now I'm sure you are wondering how she ended up at my house.

My husband, Jaysan, was home for his R&R over the holidays. I had told him about Red because I thought he would be interested in seeing her. Jaysan has always wanted his very own "yellow dog". If you've ever watched "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase, then you know about yellow dog! Anyway, we went up to my parents for a visit, and he feel in love with Red. My parents already have a houseful of animals, so we brought Red home. It was an interesting trip home to say the least, but we made it.

Now Jaysan has his yellow dog.

She is the most wonderful dog...sweet and loving. Although I may have to have a "tete a tete" with her about taking up the entire bed! Hahaha!

She will have a happy and secure life now.

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